Thursday, December 03, 2009

You Down wit OCC - Yeah You Know Me

...I know that was completely uncalled for. You'll probably have that stupid song stuck in your head all day. hee hee.
Operation Christmas Child (OCC) almost didn't happen this year...well, at least at my house. I heard about it at church two weeks before the boxes were due and I didn't think I had enough time/money/energy to pull off another big event. At first it was ON, then a week later after not having done anything to prepare, I decided it was OFF. Then 4 days before the deadline date, Monica (my beloved colleague) saved the day by convincing me to do it "smaller scale" than last year.
This translated into not inviting anyone, but filling more boxes.

Santa's workshop. All the mommas wrapping those awful shoe boxes (we had saved up all year). It probably wouldn't be so bad, but you are required to wrap the lids separately...which is a real bummer. Aside from shopping for the goods (which is fun), wrapping takes the longest (and is not fun).

[there are no pictures of the actual packing because it was a flippin' frenzy. We filled 32 boxes in 14 seconds flat]

Then my helper tagged all the boxes.

I love my helper.

Then my other helper, the big black hairy one, loaded all 32 boxes into the trunk and brought them down to the church. I love my other helper too.
Yay Operation Christmas Child - thank you for delivering these to children who have so little! What an awesome ministry, I feel so blessed to be able to contribute.


Beautiful Mess said...

Way to go! I used to be down with OCC--but it just hit me that I "missed" it--our new church doesn't participate. I am sure I can do it on my own-I'll have to look into to it...

hey, sorry you had to listen to that conversation I just had with myself...

anyway, Thanks!

Lindsey said...

I'm down with OCC! Loved filling those boxes, but wrapping them was a real pain!