Friday, January 15, 2010

How to Make Friends: Turtle Edition

I'm not suggesting that you should bribe people to like you....but if you ever did, you could use these things.

You'll need these three magical ingredients and two female helpers under 10, or one man, or no helpers.

You have the one helper place pretzels on a cookie sheet. She's one of those real orderly types, so this is a good job for her. She gets all bent out of shape if things are out of order.

Then you have your other helper unwrap Rolos. This isn't as fun as you might think. However, I find that if you allow your helpers to eat one, you get a lot more work out of them.

Then the sweet marriage! Your helpers will need to place the unwrapped Rolos carefully on top of the pretzels. One Rolo on top of one pretzel...and not off to the side either - they should be right in the middle of the pretzel, the nucleus, if you will.

Once your Rolo-topped pretzels are lined up like little chocolate soldiers, they are ready to go off to battle, er.. the oven.
The 200 degree oven. ...And not for long for Pete's sake! Just a few minutes, until the chocolate gets a little squishy. Squishy, not melty. This is an important distinction.

Then your helpers can take magical ingredient #3 - the pecans and ever-so-gently push them down onto the Rolo-covered pretzel.

And well-ah! Turtles!

If your mouth isn't watering, you haven't tried one.

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Megan said...

WOWZA. I would like one now. Please.