Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm in Love

It's true. Yesterday I floated around on Cloud 9 because we had skyped with B in the morning. B always wants to interact with Avery. Yesterday he asked him to sing "Open the Eyes of My Heart" to him. Avery and Amelle sang it, then they all goofed around. B and his Kolfe friends laughed as they watched Avery, Amelle, and Amaya drag each other around the living room. We had a lot of laughs yesterday; it's beginning to feel more natural, like family time.

Then today came and my heart ached. I miss him. I want B to be here, in my living room, playing the stupid game where the kids drag each other around the floors with Maya riding on their bellies. I want all of us to be together.

Then I got an e-mail and it made my heart sing praises. I am his special gift?

No, he is mine.

Hello mom,

How are you doing today? I am doing great. I got the package that you send for me. Thank you very much. The shoe that you sent is fit for me. Generally I love all things. We had a nice Christmas. The special thing that I got for this Christmas is you. This Christmas was so different for me. Because God gave for me the sweetest family. I don’t know how I can express about you. I love you very much.

Mom, I was very happy yesterday skyping with you. My brother and sisters are so funny. I love them a lot.

Ok mama knows that I am thinking of you and all of my family. I love you and miss you a lot. I can’t wait up to see you in person. I am praying about it every day.

Love your son B.


Lindsey said...

PLEASE quit making me ugly cry! I feel like you and I are living complete identical lives sometimes! I LOVE you girl and I am praying that God gives us both the desires of our heart.

amy said...

I am crying too! Sweet sweet boy! Oh how we here in America take so so much for granted. I hope to meet him in March and give him a huge hug and kiss from you!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i can see why you're on cloud 9! incredible!!

The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

Aww Erin, you are truly blessed! I have to brace myself when I read your blogs cause like now I get this huge knot in my chest and I feel like boohooing all afternoon long!
Your Biruk is surely a lovely young man and I pray that both he and you get your prayers answered and be reunited state side!

Little did you know the road God had put you on last year?!?


Amy said...

Oh my gracious...if that wasn't the sweetest thing ever! I shed sweet tears reading this one!! I LOVE it when you share Biruk's emails!! Would someone just beam to Ethiopia now??? I have to wrap my arms that sweet boy!

Grandma said...

You have given him a new life just like his mother gave to him.
I am so happy that he has found you. As your mother, I am very proud of you!