Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's a bird

It's a plane

It's our flashing (part of our house).

On Thursday we has a noreaster with 60+ mph winds and a ridiculous amount of rain. It was pretty freaky to be going to bed with parts of your house falling off. The wind was fierce. We lost power from around 10pm on Thursday to Saturday at around 4pm....which totally doesn't seem like a long time, but trust me, when you're in it and you can't flush the toilet and you don't have heat, it seems like a LOT longer.
Of course, I think about those who live in these conditions all the time and I scratch my head. I am such a wimp. A big American wimp.

Driving around town on Friday was difficult...there were trees down and hanging on powerlines on every street. Wendy and I ventured out with the kids only to overhear Will proclaim from the backseat of the minivan, "It looks like Haiti around here".
Needless to say, we're so glad everything is BACK!

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