Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Facing the Giants

I love basketball season.
However, I will admit that this season has been a little, um...rough.
You see, Avery is on a 5th grade team in a 5th & 6th grade league.

The thing about 6th grade boys is that some of them have hit their "growth spurt", while others have not. Pictured above, is Holden, one of our "big guys", sandwiched in between the blue team's "big guys".
Um, yeah.

But being giant in size isn't as powerful as being giant in spirit.
Avery's team was down by 10 at the end of the first quarter. Then they were down by 14. But then it was 8, then 6...and then Avery hit a 3-pointer which made my eyes well up....they were down by just 3 points!
Unfortunately the blue team fought back and regained their 8-point lead until Dawson showed up with two key steals and tightened it up again. Less than a minute left on the clock and they were down by 3 points. Basket! Then they were down by 1 point with 20 seconds on the clock. Guy got fouled and sunk both foul shots - they were now ahead by 1 point for the first time in the entire game with 20 seconds on the clock.
And they WON!


Chrissy said...

I love the Baskeball Blog! How exciting and great action pics!!

Grandma said...

I love it when your team wins, Avery! Way to go with the 3-pointer!