Monday, March 08, 2010

Harvard Museum of Natural History Part II

As I mentioned, the trip the museum on Saturday was good fun.
Not very informative, but fun.
Um. This is NOT my family tree.
(I'm more closely related to Leprechauns than monkeys.)

Oh really?
I love this line, "evolution is an essential truth". Translation, "evolution is not true, in fact, it is a fading theory that was created by a racist named Charles Darwin". The truth is that Darwin thought that black people were "less evolved" than white people.
I guess he just figured, "Hey, they're both brown...."
This was the most interesting of all the exhibits. This guy is so highly evolved that he carries his testies in a polka dotted purse.
Teach your children the truth.


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you crack me up! good stuff :-)

have you ever seen that movie with ben stein...expelled?