Saturday, March 27, 2010

My far away son...

My friend Lindsey just visited Biruk while she was in Ethiopia picking up her kids.
She sent me 160 pictures from Kolfe.
(many which featured my sweet boy)
I love her for that.
But what I love most, is that she gave him this:

[PHOTO REMOVED] - (showed her hugging him)
from his mama
(and probably another one from herself)

I was all smiles going through the pictures - until this one. I suspect this final shot was snapped as Lindsey and the other visitors drove away. This is the shot that captures everyday life, the one he lives when there are no visitors to chat with, hug, and take pictures.


Theresa said...

Biruk is a wonderful boy! I so miss Kolfe and can't wait to return. You are a lucky momma!

Leslie said...

I too wonder what the boys do when there are no visitors. Both our Kolfe boys are in that last photo.

Staci said...

He is so very handsome. I hope he can come home to you soon.

Justine said...

Erin - Biruk is just beautiful. I know how bittersweet those photos can be. Let's connect soon. I'd love to hear how you are doing. I'm still interested in going in October!