Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pizza Par-tay!

I have some dear friends who are traveling to Ethiopia next week to pick up their kids. Exciting huh? Well, instead of being all wrapped up in their own lives (um, they're going to pick up their kids who they have been in the process of adopting for like 2 years) - they're wondering how they can help orphans who will remain in orphanages after they leave Ethiopia.

So....lucky for me - they're planning to throw a pizza party at Kolfe (my son's orphanage)! Woot! A huge pizza party for 130 teenage boys who have never eaten pizza before in their lives (a double-shame because Ethiopian pizza is freakin' awesome!)! I digress. Anyway - IMAGINE the awesomeness of that experience! I so wish I could be there for that. However, they've promised to take a bazillion pictures so it will be like we were all there. Minus the grease stains.

The thing is, they need some coinage to make it happen. This is where I see a huge opportunity for you and me. If you have kids, this is a great opportunity to teach them about loving others, sacrificially. Sure they can contribute their chore money or their birthday money, but how about planning a pizza night at home and instead of ordering pizza, eat PB&J sandwiches and giving all the money you would have spent on pizza to this cause? LOVE that. Or how about skipping lunch and sending the $5 you would have spent on a sandwich? Just thinking out loud here.

Whatever way/amount you decide to contribute would be great, seriously. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of something so good!

Check out their blogs and their journeys here: Amy & here: Lindsey. I love these girls and know their HUGE hearts for orphans.

Contributions made through CHC (be sure to write "ET - Kolfe Pizza Party" in the memo section!) are tax deductible - cha-ching!


Leslie said...

Thanks Erin for the link to CHC. Would you mind if I steal your post for my blog... the word needs to get out. I am definitely donating to this because my boy is there too!! It will be awesome to think of them having this great party.

Beautiful Mess said...

I love the connectedness of the bloggy world....

AND I am so happy your boy is getting a PAR-TAY!

I love these ladies... and I love you too!

God has blessed my life with you like-minded ladies!!


Erin Moore said...

Leslie: Go for it! Shout it on the roof tops!

Jen: right back atcha!