Thursday, April 22, 2010

Does Slavery Still Exist?

About a year and a half ago I heard an astounding fact on the radio (Christian radio)...they said that there were something like 20 million people living in slavery today. TODAY as in this present day - 2009, now 2010.

I couldn't believe it. I remember thinking "where are these people and why don't we rescue them?" I mean, aren't there rules somewhere that say this is not allowed? Doesn't the UN have some sort of oversight committee for this? Can't we sick OSHA on them? I mean, if OSHA can ensure that we use rubber-backed floor mats to prevent slips and falls in the workplace - can't we get them to ensure that people aren't being used and abused?

Then it vanished. Poof. Gone. I didn't think about it again. Nor did I want to.

About six months ago, Dirt and I watched an awesome movie, Taken. It was crazy good...and the Liam Neeson was a total badass. Dirt and I loved him and rewound several parts of the movie just to watch his badassness. I remember saying how crazy that story line was, and Dirt was like, "That really happens". [me = dumbfounded] What? How can that happen? Then, a few weeks later we watched Man on Fire (Denzel Washington), and kids were getting kidnapped in Latin America - and again, Dirt tells me that this really happens. What?! How can this happen in real life?

I've been seeing a lot more about human trafficking lately. People blogging about it and trying to raise awareness, but I have to be honest, I have kept away from it. Purposefully steered clear. If I'm honest I'll admit that I just don't want to get involved. I think things like, "let someone else care about it", and "I'm already broken over orphans and poverty, I really don't want to think about kids getting sold for sex". It's too much. It's more than I can bare.

But my willful ignorance doesn't change the reality. Those orphans that I love, that I care about - guess what happens to them? They get lured or abducted and sold as sex slaves. [tears welling]. I mean, the evil behind this is devastating. It happens around the world...and it happens here in America.

Do you think God wants us to turn our back on this horror? Do you think He wants us to comfortably sip tea on our front porch and pretend like this doesn't exist? I'm pretty sure that the God I serve cares deeply about this, and I think He wants me to care about the things He cares about.

Read this story by Anne's insane. If you want more, check out Tom Davis' blog, he's broken over this issue.

If you want to learn more or get involved, there are several organizations out there who are trying to help. I just heard that only 1% of kids that get involved in the sex trade get rescued. It's different than handing out food to people, this kind of work needs people who will bust down doors and rescue girls from the most evil men alive. Maybe you can't bust down doors, but see what you can do to support organizations like IJM, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, or Children's HopeChest.

Or pray. If you are interested in joining a prayer call on Wednesdays, let me know and I'll get you the call in number. We can't underestimate the power of the prayer!

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