Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hanging on every word

I consider it a huge blessing to be able to communicate, e-mail, skype, and send packages to my far away son. God wrote his name on my heart and then provided a way for us to communicate, even though he lives in an orphanage in an impoverished country on the other side of the planet.

One of the ways I am able to communicate with him is by sending small packages with families who travel over to Ethiopia (usually to bring back their newly adopted children). The standard "rule" is that you can pack a 1 gallon ziplock bag for your child. It's amazing to tap into this network of families - I just sent a package off to TX, which will be delivered to BAM some time in May.

There isn't much you can put in these bags, I mean, I'd like to fit a bed in there with soft, plush blankets and a big fluffy pillow, sneakers that never wear out, warm clothing for the rainy season, our whole get the idea. But what I usually squeeze in is a shirt, candy, a healthy snack like raisins or granola, scripture cards, a hand-written letter, paper and pens, and a small toy or video or a book about astronomy. That's about it.

The payoff is when the family travels to Ethiopia and sends photographs of him.

Most recently, two of my dear "warrior girls" traveled to Ethiopia...and they gave him so much more than a package...they gave him love from me. Hugs and the hope that I will be there to see him as soon as I can.

Here is the payoff:

Erin!!! I'm sending two emails with pictures of B. He is such a GOOD boy!! He's shy but funny and that smile...oh that SMILE! I literally hung on him for two hours. I'm sure he appreciated that. :) I just couldn't NOT have my arms around him. I kept telling him how much you guys loved him and how you wanted to be there and that you would come. He showed me his room and he showed me how he does a typing game on the computer...he's getting good!

The boys had a total blast at the pizza party and I think they loved the fruit just as much! Everyone of course wanted their picture taken. Once I find time here soon to blog I'm going to do a Kolfe Pizza Party post which will have more information. I felt like Santa Claus being there, giving the boys stuff and getting to meet B. It was surreal. Oh, I just love him and he is ingrained on my heart even more than he was before. :) I'm so happy he has you guys. Seriously. What a freaking blessing!


Thanks Amy!!!


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This makes me cry for all the right reasons!

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Hi, I just linked to your blog from 'Africa Bound' and wanted to let you know we have a little Biruk. Your son is gorgeous!!! Congratulations!