Friday, May 07, 2010

Special Visitor

On Thursday Avery had some big news to share with us: a special visitor was coming to his class. It was top secret and apparently very exciting.
Before bed, Avery came downstairs dressed in pants, a button down shirt, tie, and sweater vest (as you see below). (You should know that he has recently begun dressing for school the night before - so yeah, he sleeps in the clothes he's going to wear the next day - it's an exercise in efficiency - don't judge).
The point is, he was looking particularly dapper. When we commented on how nice he looked, he mentioned the special visitor.
Since the visitor was suppose to be a secret, he couldn't divulge any additional details until his sisters were in bed. The suspense filled the air all evening, as we waiting for bedtime to get the full story:
A new student was coming to his class and the teacher asked for a responsible and respectful young man to pair up with the new student and show him around the school. All the boys in the class raised their hands for this important assignment.
The teacher decided to have the kids vote on who should play this ambassador role. All the kids put there heads down and each boy's name was called, the teacher counted raised hands (secret ballot) and after the last boy's name was called, the votes were tallied, and the announcement was made.

Avery was elected.
He was so honored, and completely excited by this. I told him that I couldn't be more proud of him. His friends had noticed that he was respectful and responsible and had elected him. We prayed together, that the day would go well, that his new friend would not be nervous, and that Avery would be a comfort to him.
As I exited his room that night, he said, "Mom..." I turned around and looked back at him. He continued, "Since all the boys were nominated, and you couldn't vote if you were nominated..that means that all the girls voted".
"Then that's even better".