Saturday, May 01, 2010

Vacation - Day 2

Our second day in Washington was definitely the best day

It started with breakfast at the hotel, where the kids ate for free and our waitress was Ethiopian (I was thrilled to be able to show off my mad Amharic skillz (translation = the one word I know) by saying "Ameseganallo" - which means "Thank you").

Then off to the Museum of Natural History...which was really cool except every stinkin' exhibit was somehow tied to the evolution lie...zillions of years ago this gift shop began from a piece of chewing gum on the sidewalk, the spark from a caveman's cigarette ignited it and over time, it evolved into a full gift shop with overpriced t-shirts and dinosaur toys. Amazing.

Dirt got to hold a giant grasshopper. The kids and I were um..not interested in holding it.

Then off for some sightseeing! The Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial!

Avery and I were quick to mention to the others that Washington is not actually buried under the monument...we learned this while doing his book report a few months ago. Boo-ya!

The weather was fantastical! It was really the perfect day to be outside walking around DC!

This is how we roll

Everything about this picture is who they are.
It was such a great day! Dirt and I almost escaped having to go into the pool again. Almost. Altough we were all wiped out, the kids still had their sights set on ending the day with a dip in the hotel pool. We drew the line at a 2nd round of Marco Polo. (Dirt and I dominated on Day 1).

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~Seth and Nancy~ said...

that last picture made me laugh outloud :-)
there was always something special about swimming when it wasn't the summer...i wonder at what age you start not wanting to get into a bathing suit during the off season!