Sunday, May 02, 2010

Vacation Day 3

Our last day in Washington was spent at the Air and Space Museum...

...which rocked.

As awesome as all the exhibits were, one of our favorite parts of the museum was a 3D IMAX movie about Space. Dirt and I were cracking up watching Amaya try to touch the stars that were coming at her.
Space is just incredible, so just makes me marvel at how BIG and awesome our God is.

The kids were rockin' their new DC shirts! Such tourists!

It was amazing to be so close to so many famous space crafts and airplanes. I couldn't help but think of my sweet son Biruk, who dreams of becoming an astronomer. I wished he were there with us so he could marvel at the planets with us. I thought about him so much of the day.
The best part of the museum was the flight simulator rides. Dirt and Avery went on one that tossed them up-side-down and every which way, while the girls and I took a less dramatic ride.

By mid-afternoon, it was time to end our DC adventure and head back to Philadelphia. Three days was just enough time to explore a piece of Washington. The kids were museumed out, and if I'm honest, we were too.
Dirt put it best when he said, "it's best to leave a little bit before you're really ready, rather than after - it'll make you want to go back". I agree.

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Brandi said...

Just caught up on your blog again...yep, it's confirmed one more time...I adore you my friend! Completely adore.

Hug your family for me and tell them I adore them too