Friday, June 18, 2010

Ethiopian Idol?

I know that a lot of people love the show American Idol. It's a real big deal to some people. I hear them talking about it in the elevator and at the salon. I see the tweets and FB updates. People are into it and they love those singers.

I don't.

I love widows and orphans.

So to me, when I go to Ethiopia in October, it's like getting a backstage pass to meet the American Idol winner. It's a HUGE honor for me.

I am so excited that I GET to meet her.

And them.

And her - and she'll let me hold that baby and kiss it's little round cheeks. She totally will.

..and if I'm lucky, I'll get to help her carry her water. I so want the honor and priviledge of carrying her water for her. (though I probably won't be smiling so graciously). She does this journey every day - lugging as much dirty contaminated water as she can carry.
See that smile? In the midst of climbing uphill with three water jugs - that smile tells me that joy isn't found in circumstances. That smile has taught me so much - I can't wait to meet her!
I want her to laugh as she remembers the time those crazy ferenges (white people) from Maine came and carried her water for her. I feel like it's the least that I can do for all she has already done for me.


Lindsey said...

I adore you! And I adore the fact that you get me too!

Beautiful Mess said...

Wow! This was awesome!

Praying for your trip!

Tracy said...

Hi Erin;

Is there another link to your journey? When I click on the current link I get "not found, error."

Thanks, Tracy

Charlie said...

Dear young lady,
How eloquently you express sentiments similar to my own.

I too will journey to ET sometime in October/November to visit my orphans and others.

God bless,