Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hap-pee Birthday to Me?

I'm pretty sure I just received the BEST birthday gift ever.

Um, seriously.
Oh, you don't know what a Go Girl is? You must find out.

I love this gift more than words can say
I love that it arrived 5 days before my birthday
I love that it made me laugh for 10 minutes straight
I love that it comes with a tattoo that I can (and will) wear
I love the logo: "Don't take life sitting down"
I love that I will be bringing this to Africa with me

...but what I love most of all...

is this

Thanks Nancy, I love you, girl!


Amy Bottomly said...

umm, LOVE it! Genius!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

so glad it made it in time for your birthday and i'm SO happy you like it :-D hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Meg said...

Hysterical. Have you tried it out yet??

Denise said...

that's hilarious!

Beautiful Mess said...

That is great!

Is it wrong I want details...i guess when you have to ask...

Grandma said...

I thought your birthday was on the 14th????????? Opps, must be mistaken!

Jillian and Crew said...