Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Saturday

We had no internet or home phone service all weekend, which was actually kind of nice. Except that it put me behind on blogging the events of our long weekend...which was actually relatively uneventful...but that just gives me an opportunity to make stuff up in order to make us sound more exciting than we are.

We played with a ladybug

Washed the 1 inch layer of pollen off my car.
(like I always say, it's important to have a shiny clean license plate)

Tried out some Rondo moves on the mini basketball net. (He plays with this thing constantly - the sick part is that we have a regular size court in the back yard - but no...he prefers this one - where he can make miniature NBA moves)

...and lastly...there was some swimming. Okay wading.

I told you I like to embellish.

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Beautiful Mess said...

ha ha! Looks like good fun!