Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Praising God Today...

Dear Friends,

Today is awesome. Today is the day that my friend Solomon is united with his family. Solomon's story is similar to Biruk's story - an orphan, minding his own business at Kolfe when one day this women comes into his life and God writes this boy's name across her heart. She'll never be the same, and he'll never be the same. They email back and forth for several years, he accepts Christ, she teaches him about family, God, and love. Her and her husband send him to school in Ethiopia. She flies back for his graduation and tears roll down her cheeks as she watches him graduate as the top student in his class. Then God provides him with a scholarship for bible college in the US and after a year and thousands of prayers from across the world, this e-mail comes to me on Monday:

solomon bekele to me Jun 21 (2 days ago)

How are you today? You know what I missed sooooooooooooo much. My skype is not working. that's why you didn't see me online. Hey my sweet friend today I am gonna tell an exciting news that is I got my visa. Do you belive this? it looks like a dream. I will be home this wednesday. thank you for joining with me by prayer. Your prayer is so poweful. Know that I love you soooooooooooooooooooo much. Hope to see you soon My dear friend. Please keeping praying for me!!!!! know that my prayer with you all the time.God bless you and all of your family!!!! AMEN Solomon

Today he lands in NC with his family. Please join me in praising God today! (Avery and I prayed for Solomon every night - our God is so incredibly good!)

Just snatched this pic off FB - Solomon was given a celebrity welcome by his family, friends, TV cameras (ABC news) and reporters!

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