Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kidless Week

I’ve been wanting to post about our kidless week, but there really isn’t much to say. It’s awesome. It’s like one super-long date night without the $10/hr charge at the end of the night. We love it. We love it so.

We always feel “pressure” to “do something” during kidless week, but we usually don’t really do anything –and we like it. We start the week by cleaning the house because then we can enjoy the fruits of our labor all week long. The house just stays clean. We love our quiet, clean house so much that we never really want to leave it.

What did we do?
- went to a PG-13 movie
- rented 3 R-rated movies
- went dinner 3 times
- mattress shopping
- took naps/relaxed

What didn’t we do?
- go to any middle school basketball games
- go to violin lessons
- drop off or pick up kids from babysitters/daycare
- remind little people about basic hygiene habits (brush teeth, shower, deodorant)
- wipe anyone else’s butt

Some other observations: The trash rarely needed emptying, the grocery store wasn’t a weekly necessity, and the dishes didn’t pile up in the sink (we didn’t even run the dishwasher once all week). There were no toys to trip over (or run over in the driveway), no fights to break up, no hair to comb, no whining (Dirt might beg to differ), and no sleep interruptions. We didn't use the word "share" once during the entire week, nor did we have to listen to kids tell on each other for any of the following offenses: touching, looking at, smiling at, singing, or any miscellaneous bothering.

The only real rule we have is that there is absolutely no crying during kidless week. That is just not allowed; we need one week of no crying so we can refresh ourselves for the 51 other weeks that include crying. This is the primary reason why the cat put a kink into kidless week this year. Fat Louie missed the kids so much that he just cried and cried. I might actually hate him now. By the end of the week, I think he literally bit me on the foot. Seriously, he was so starved for attention that he acted out. It didn’t work though, I have kids, I’m well-trained in reverse psychology.

We love kidless week, but we love our kids too, and there is nothing better than seeing them at the airport. The moment that they catch a glimpse of you, the smile, followed by an instantaneous sprint to you with open arms....it’s amazing. I think that’s how I’ll run to Jesus when I see him in Heaven.


Sarah S said...

you think grandma would take my kids for a week?? i want a kidless week!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i'm surprised fat louie didn't go next door :-)
glad you guys were able to get some time alone.

Angel said...

Precious!! I agree... kidless week is fabulous but so are the kids! :o) Variety, the spice of life I suppose.

Grandma said...

.......and I tried to stay out of your hair, too!

Andrea said...

You have a beautiful blog...your heart of love for Christ beams through each word. I have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you. GOD BLESS!