Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Priceless - A Book Review

Ever want to do something, but not want to do it? Kind of like eating dessert - you want to eat it, but you know you won't like how you feel afterward. That was how I felt about reading Priceless by Tom Davis.

I know Tom; I traveled with him to Ethiopia last year and have read two of his previous books and enjoyed them both very much. His first novel, Scared, was about orphans in Africa - something my heart beats for - so it was easy for me to want to read it - though still not an easy book to walk away from. Not by any means. But Priceless was different - I literally did not want to read it.

Priceless is about orphans too...and Tom was actually writing parts of it while we were in why was I not anxious to read it? Because I am selfish. I didn't want the heartache. I wanted to go on pretending not to know that the sex trade is real and impacts millions of children around the world - many of which are precious orphans.

They say that ignorance is bliss, and I wanted to remain blissfully ignorant. (God have mercy on me for my selfishness.)

Until a copy of the book showed up on my doorstop.

I read it over the course of a few nights, and I won't lie - I had nightmares. I have trouble saying it was a "good book" or that "I enjoyed reading it" - although it was good and I did enjoy the suspense and intrigue. It seems more fitting to say that it was an awful book - but one that needed to be written. Does that make any sense?

I just couldn't escape the reality of the situation in the book. By day I would receive updates and prayer requests from friends who were in India witnessing to girls in brothels, trapped in the sex trade, and by night I was in the middle of this "fictional" book. It was surreal and it made the horrors of the book come to life.

Please don't misunderstand this meandering of thoughts to mean that I would not recommend this book to others. I would (and already have). In fact, I would recommend this book to everyone. Tom is a brilliant storyteller and there is so much depth to this book, you won't want to put it down.


Jillian and Crew said...

Well done review! It was a hard bok to read because of the subject, but very well written-I agree. I have also loaned out my copy to a friend already-because "you gotta read this"...

Erin Moore said...

My copy is already on loan too - it is a must read.

Angel said...

HEY GIRL! Yes... I agree completely. It was powerful. It needs to be read. It's not EASY to know it's true. Hugs, Angel

BTW- It made me smile SOOOO big to see my blog under Ethiopian at Heart. Awwwww...

Tom Davis said...

Thanks for the great review Erin. Still waiting for that invitation to come to Maine for a good ole fashioned lobsterfest!