Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adoption Update

I don’t know where to start this post…I know a few of you are kind of waiting to see what we’re going to do about adopting. We’re going to adopt. I think. Just not the 4 year old little boy with the sweet hands.

God helps guide us. He does. But He’s not always real overt about it. Sometimes He is but mostly He just sort of whispers things into our hearts. Then He sends people as signposts. They’re usually unsuspecting and have no idea that God is using them. It’s the coolest thing ever to find out that you were an instrument of the true and living God and you didn’t even know it.

I think about when we first moved to Maine and were searching for a church. We visited our current church, but it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. We continued to search, but then God would put these people in our lives, signposts, and each one of them pointed us back to EBC, where we ended up. Now I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. It’s so so so clear to me that we are exactly where God wants us. Amazing. God used a chance meeting with a parent at the baseball field, a realtor, a contractor, people we bumped into at the convenience store as sign-posts ever so gently pointing us to EBC.

When we got the adoption email a few weeks ago, I freaked. I was excited, nervous, scared. I thought “This is it! This is the one God selected for us!” The child was perfect for us, so perfect – even his fee was waived…we could adopt him basically for free! This was really happening..oh snap! But then I kept hearing something from a bunch of different people. Something I didn’t particularly like, but it was kind of bold and it came from so many different people that I had to pay attention. “This might not be the child God has for you, but God may be using him to prepare you for the right child”. I hated this truth, but deep down I knew it was from him. At least 5 Christians said this to me within that first week…one person even wrote it as an afterthought in an email, “I’m not sure why I just thought of this, but..”. I stopped looking at the boy’s picture; I even called some friends to see if they would be interested in him. Even though I really didn’t want to let go, I knew deep down he wasn’t ours.

During the week of praying and thinking something really unusual happened. Signposts, if you will. At least I’d like to think so. It was B. My sweet, sweet B cropped into the picture all week. As we were praying and thinking about adoption, B contacted me several times. I usually hear from B once every 2-3 weeks, but this particular week, I heard from him at least 6 times, including e-mails, 2 hand-written letters (one that he sent with a family 2 months ago, the other that he sent with a women 3 weeks ago), FB messages from his friends at Kolfe saying that B wanted to say Hi, and perhaps the most surprising – a skype conversation where he got on the computer himself and contacted me directly, alone without a translator. This has NEVER happened before. EVER. And what was even more amazing was that Dirt sat down and had a conversation with him! Um…yeah.

B has no way of knowing that we were considering adoption. Blogger is blocked from Ethiopia. He can’t read any of this. No one in Ethiopia can. Plus, he would never have been able to plan that I would receive those two hand-written letters in the same week, and that they would be received during the most critical week of our adoption journey. Everywhere I looked, B was there. Everywhere I turn, I see God confirming that now is the time…I went to the furniture store the other day and there was a wall of adopted kids, I turned on the radio (something I NEVER do) and I heard a story about adoption.

If you ask me. Now’s the time and B’s the one.

Dirt is sort of waiting for his own sign, but God might be sending it to me for both of us, like when God sent a prophet to tell Abraham that they were going to have a son. Sarah wasn't invited to that conversation, yet that's clearly what they were called to. When God was pointing us to EBC, He sent people to Dirt, not me...yet we were clearly directed there. In God's sight, we're one...we cannot be divided on this.


Jillian and Crew said...

Bless you and your whole family. Praying for Little H, and Biruk and you and Dirt and everyone. So glad you are a listener and a do-er...can't be just one or the other :)

Erin Moore said...

hee hee ...just had that conversation with Dirt...I'm definitely the do-er. He's not all the way around yet, please keep praying.

I hear that little H has another Christian family in the mix, this brings peace and joy to my heart - I have been praying for him.

Leslie said...

Oh I am jumping for joy!!!!!!! Getaneh and Biruk just may get that play date after all!!!! Ummm... we'll have to meet in the middle or something since we couldn't live on more opposites sides of the country... but how awesome would it be to have them BE IN THE SAME COUNTRY again. Come on Dirt.... Our paster once said, when God talks to your wife, you should listen to her.

Jillian and Crew said...

Lord- You are amazing and true and awesome. We are asking that you bless this family with the adoption journey. We know that you are powerful enough to have your will be done even if we don't understand it and aren't on board. We know that you can rescue orphans without our "help." We also realize that you allow us on YOUR journey to bless us, stretch us, grow us and mold us....God if you are calling Erin and Dirt to roll up their sleeves and jump-in, please put them on the same page. Be loud and thunderous and let them know exactly what they should do...if you are tugging at their hearts to adopt B-please tug louder and shove if necessary. I would hate for them to miss out on this life changing, heart inspiring process because of fear.
I am not going to ask you to remove fear-because YOU are bigger than that, I am asking they focus on YOU and nothing of this world where fear resides...I am asking you remind them of the times you have held them so strongly they couldnt deny it...I ask you to remind them of your powers and how yours ways are not our ways...I ask that you remind them that you have had a plan for B before they were ever in their own mom's womb....I ask that you speak loud and clear...I pray that Erin and Dirt have the courage to step out on faith...and not miss the adoption blessing-whether or not it is B.

Erin Moore said...

tears are rolling...I love this prayer, thank you so so much.