Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still thinking..

Thinking about him today.

[picture deleted]

Wondering what his future will be. Wondering what he's doing right now. Wondering if our lives will intertwine in a very intimate way.

Who will hold those hands as he crosses the street? Who will show those hands how to hold a crayon? Will those hands one day reach up to Dirt and I to pick him up?

I don't have any answers...but my God knows. And I trust Him.

Note: I can't show pictures, it's not allowed. Sorry!


Audra Bayette said...

This is so exciting! But how does the process work? Do you think about it until you decide or until another family says they want to adopt him? did you guys have a timeline for deciding?

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

when you put it that way it makes me want to sign the papers :-) i'm wondering the same thing as audra...do you have a decision date? praying for you guys.
T6M has a nice look to is ;-)

Erin Moore said...

We're prinking (Praying and Thinking). Our "deadline" was Monday, but we're still working on a decision.

There is another family praying about this specific child as well.

God is sovereign.

We covet your prayers right now.

Erica said...
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Angel said...

Just the hands are enough to do me in! PRECIOUSNESS!! HUGS! Praying for ya friend. :-) Angel