Wednesday, September 01, 2010

1st Day of School - 2010

This year, the first day of school was a bit unusual.

Avery started back on Tuesday (and got to wear his gym clothes) for a Middle School back to school cook-out. I can't believe I have a child in middle school. I'm old.

Wednesday was back to school day for Amelle (and regular dress code for Avery).

Avery seemed to have difficulty smiling for my traditional back-to-school photo shoot. There are a LOT of out-takes, which I will spare you from.

4th grade and 6th grade. Wow.

If you want to stroll down memory lane, previous years back to school pics are here:

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~Seth and Nancy~ said...

seriously...they're growing up way too fast! it feels like just yesterday amelle was chasing avery around with her frankenstein walk :-) i thought of that the other day when levi took a couple straight-legged steps in the pool.
btw, you're not just had kids young ;-)