Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2 Weeks...

Two weeks from now I will be on a plane headed for Africa.
I hope I will sleep.
I imagine that we'll be tired, yet fueled by adrenaline/excitement.

Our driver will pick us up at the airport and we'll check in to our guest house. We'll freshen up and then head out to Kolfe.

Then I will see him.

I might even cry.
I will hug him and not want to ever let go.

Yesterday I received a hand-written letter (written 2-3months ago). It was written in Amharic, so I had it translated today. It said:
Dear Mom,
Mom when I write for you this letter I am happy and proud because I am writing to for my mom that I love her very much. Mom God gave me very blessed family; because of this I praise him every day. Mom you know how much I love you. I missed the day that my mom to come. So, the day you will be here is one of the basic important and happiness parts of my life. Mom I miss you and love you
Love your son Biruk Moore
It's one of the basic important and happiness parts of my life too, son. I can't wait to be there! 2 weeks from now the adventure begins.


Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Anonymous said...

New here, just passing thru. I read a few of your posts & they are great. You have a beautiful family & your thoughts are wonderful. I was just wondering with your latest post here. Have you adopted & going to pick up Biruk from Addis. You speak so fondly of him & I see you love him so very much. My blessings & prayers go out to you your family & young man Biruk :)


Erin Moore said...

Hey Janis! Thanks for stopping by. I'm not bringing my sweet boy home (yet) - hopefully, prayerfully one day though. :-)

Thank you for your prayers!

Anonymous said...

Your more then welcome. I really love your page, & I really hope that you are able to bring him home very soon. God Bless you.