Monday, September 20, 2010

When to say when

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Avery has long had a love affair (that cannot be explained) with his hair. He loves to grow it. Dirt likes it short (see March 2010) and actually borderline hates it long. The trouble is that boy wants an Afro - he does. And truth be told - if he could grow one, I'd actually be down with it. The problem (as my friend Seth once pointed out) is that Avery's hair is more Jew-fro than Af-fro.

He's Garfunkle. But he wants to be the guy to the right.
The sad truth is...

My dad had a better fro.

Dirt and I were about to force him to cut it, when I had a revelation: He deserves to keep his hair. One of the coolest things about Avery is that he is who he is. He's comfortable with different - like real comfortable with it. I think he actually likes being slightly different. While most kids his age are trying to blend in - he's just trying to be himself. If his hair helps make him feel comfortable and confident about who he is during these freaky tweenage years, I say we let him keep it. Yes, we know he looks like a freak and yes we have shared our perspective with him. He'll cut it eventually - most likely it'll take care of itself when he starts to notice girls.
That's what we're banking on anyway.

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~Seth and Nancy~ said...

or the girls will love it and he'll keep it :-)