Monday, October 04, 2010

Diamond in the China

I recently stumbled across the blog of an old friend. Not a close friend - more like a short-time friend. We met at church and hung out a few times before we moved away - and then they moved away.

I have loved getting caught up with them through their blog. If you like the magazine "Real Simple" - you'll love Christine's blog - it's Real Simple minus the billion-and-one ads and the junk that they fill that magazine with to make you think you need more things in order to make your life more simple.
Christine's blog is the "real" real simple, if you will.


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Christine said...

No crazy ads... but now advertising on the5moores! Thanks Erin:) I love Real Simple.

In other news... I remember being excited to start hanging out with and getting to know you and your beautiful children. I remember that one October Fest and how Josh won the loot! And then I nearly ruined it all by trying to burn your kids tongues off with too-salty corn chowder at my house. Too bad we intersected right when I was starting to find my way in the world of cooking:) I promise I would do better if you came over now. Think about it...