Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm Here Today:

'cause writing on someone elses' blog is sometimes more fun than writing on your own.


Jillian and Crew said...

Funny! I was reading over the titles on the blog roll on my page and it had you and it said "Im here today" and I just knew I would click it and find a picture of Ethiopia...and I planned to write "me too, girl, me too!"...but It was a link back to my blog, ha! I have an extra Ethiopian prince with me until Tuesday afternoon, so my mind is EVERYWHERE! "What's one more?!" Wel..when it is an (almost) 2 year is a lot more!


You did a great job and thanks for hanging out on my blog, again.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

great post erin! thanks for the reminder. what you wrote is so true. i'm amazed at how much God has taught me about my sinful self through selfishness, etc.
they really are a blessing!