Friday, November 19, 2010

Makin' Moves

This isn’t really my story to tell, but I’m going to tell it anyway. 'Cause that's just how I roll.

I host a bible study once per week where a group of chicks from church get together, open our bibles, our hearts, and pray together. Good times.

Two of the chicks in our group are pregnant and one of them told us at her 20th week that she was diagnosed with placenta previa. This is a real bummer because apparently when you have this, your placenta blocks the “hole” (highly technical term) where the baby is suppose to come out. This means that the mom has physical restrictions, she can have bleeding, 3rd trimester bed rest, pre-term delivery and most likely a c-section.

Apparently if the placenta is only partially blocking the “hole” – then there is a chance that it will move over as everything grows "in there" (another highly technical term) and the baby might be able to squeeze by. But unfortunately, our friend’s placenta was sitting right over the hole, “like a big balloon on a donut” and there was “no chance” that it would move.

But we serve a God who defies statistics, human logic, and doctor’s warnings and we had a wild idea to pray for Him to move that placenta anyway. Our friend tried to warn us that there was no chance…until I asked her squarely if she was telling us that she didn’t think that God could move it if he wanted to. She said, “of course he can…but…” and at that point, there was no talking to me. I was rallying the troops – “when is your next ultrasound?” “28 weeks”. “That gives us 8 weeks to pray and I’m certain that if God can create the entire world in 6 days, He can move a placenta in 8 weeks”.

So we prayed. Every week. We prayed with faith and with power. We were even so bold to ask God to bring Glory to Himself as He answered our prayer so that the people doing the ultrasound and the doctors would all know that He is a Mighty God!

Today was the ultra-sound. I suppose you’re expecting me to tell you that the placenta moved…otherwise why would this story be so great, right? Right. It did move. But even more miraculous was the way in which he answered our prayers. Today, was her 28-week ultrasound, and I received this text:

So she started the ultrasound and stopped and asked, “Do you by any chance have a church that’s been praying for you?” I said, “Yes, I have people praying faithfully, why?” She said, “not only did the placenta move, but it’s far enough that you don’t need a c-section!!!” I said, “the doctors said that wouldn’t happen”…and she said, “if you have people praying then you know there’s only One Person that could’ve done this!”

Tears rolling. Our God is mighty and awesome!


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Thanks for sharing "not your" story! AWESOME news for baby and momma!

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