Saturday, November 06, 2010

Missing something else from Africa...

..being with these girls..

The A-Team.

A group of 7 chicks from all over the world - our connection to one another was like "six degrees of separation".
(note: Tam is standing in for Megs in the above photo)

And even though many of us hadn't met each other before, our week together in Africa has bonded us forever.
We laughed together (a lot), we cried together, and we experienced the joy and heartache that is Africa together.

..and then there are these guys. Our Ethiopian friends and honorary members of the A Team. Our translators, protectors, guides, brothers-in-Christ, and friends. ...and even though they talked about us in Amharic and then laughed at us - we still love them forever.

Plus, we secretly laughed at them wearing our "girls cut" A Team shirts - so I believe that makes us even.

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Jillian and Crew said...

What a great blessing to have such a strong and loving team!