Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am thankful to stumble across people like Katie Davis. I don't know Katie, I only know of her. Here are the things I know about her:
  • She's a single white female
  • She's young - maybe like 22 (ish)
  • She moved to Uganda 2 (ish) years ago
  • She has adopted 14 little girls (pictured below)
  • She began a ministry called Amazima (blog button on the side of my blog --->). This ministry feeds & educates children in Uganda and teaches them about Jesus.
  • She loves Jesus with a love so fierce that it blows me away
  • When her dad went to visit her last year, he wanted to buy them a toilet seat for their house and she declined, stating that the money could be better spent of feeding children.
  • Jesus' work in her life is so incredibly evident. She has completely surrendered to Him in a way that most of us refuse to do. This girl LIVES her faith while many of us are just practicing.

If you haven't read Katie's blog, you're missing an opportunity to see Jesus at work. Her journey is amazing. Follow her here: (bring tissues).


Andrea said...

THANK YOU for sharing Katie and her blog with us.

Shannon- said...

I've been following her for a couple years now. She fells me o my knees often. Beauty. I can only htink of her asa modern day Mother Teresa

M said...

This woman is a true hero.