Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free To Be Me

On Wednesday I checked the mail and was blessed to have received a gazillion Christmas cards. A gazillion reminders that other people have it together enough to send cards and I dont. A gazillion reminders that cards don't have to be perfect. A gazillion reminders that I am a total perfectionist freak.

After I opened and hung all gazillion cards I quickly gathered the kids and announced that I would be taking photos for our Christmas card! (Yes, Christmas is still happening next week). In my mind, I quickly plotted to take perfect photographs of the kids being "themselves". I wasn't going to go fancy, but I would design my own cards from scratch (cough), and then order them, then address them, then send them out to all my favorite peeps - to prove that in fact, I have it together just like they do.

Then reality happened and my eldest child showed up like this for his "be yourself" photo:

Amelle rocked it. She was all in.

..and Amaya went with the double mis-matched stripe look and refused to let me touch her. (This photo looks even worse in color) no Christmas cards this year.


Jillian and Crew said...

I love these pics!

Meg said...

These are beautiful and girl- cut yourself some slack. Holy Moly. You're too much.

I decided this year to send e-christmas cards- which I just finished but haven't sent... and the money I saved is going to buy some formula and stuff at one of our favorite places. ;-)

I will print them out at 4x6s for my mom and family members but... no cards- no envelopes- no stamps... and it feels gooooood.

Carrie said...

HA. I was totally buying your Christmas sentimentality...until your second line about "a gazillion reminders that they have it together and I don't" and I just about laughed out loud. I get so annoyed at all my picturesque friends who maange to get their creative cards of their beautiful families to me just a timely week or so before Christmas. BLAH, I say. Jesus came for the UNprepared.