Friday, January 07, 2011

Father Christmas

Today is Christmas. In Ethiopia.
Earlier this week I got an email from BAM asking me to skype with him on his Christmas.
Hello sweet mom
How was the day with new year? I was very well and we were celebrate the new year with olivate church group. It was really nice. Mom I started learn language and it’s very nice I like it . I gat the package every thing is good thank you very much.Mom I want skype with you on Friday as you know Friday is our Christ mass. Mom I hope we will have nice time on February. I miss that day. I love you sooooo much!!!!
Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares abut you. 1 peter 5:7
Of course I have to work on Fridays and since Ethiopia is 8 hours ahead, I arranged an early (6:30a) call with him. This morning I groggily hit snooze on the alarm (twice) before realizing a had a very important date! Ten minutes late for our established chat time, I ran downstairs like a little girl on Christmas morning and logged in.
3 missed calls: 2:22am, 2:48am, and 6:22am.
It was 6:44 and I quickly typed "hi"
[6:44:36 AM] B: how are you
[6:44:59 AM] B: i miss you mom
[6:45:08 AM] The Moore Family: Merry Christmas!! Do you want to call me?
[6:45:32 AM] B: yes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Then the phone rang once and I saw his sweet smiling face. (and he saw my groggy morning face)

What a joy it was to skype with him on his Christmas. Last year it was a thrill for me to skype with him on our Christmas. What I found so incredibly charming was that the boys had a small (18") Christmas tree with lights. B was very happy about this little tree and delighted in showing me all the simple little ornaments that hung on it. Then he held up this one and proclaimed, "Father Christmas".

That was about the cutest thing I had ever heard.

45 days and he will be in my arms again. Christmas just keeps on coming this year!

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Grandma said...

How exciting to see Biruk soo happly. We have come a long way with from the house phone