Sunday, January 09, 2011

Help A Brother Out

Some of you may know that Avery is coming to Africa with me next month. Actually, Avery and Dirt are coming, along with 9 other members of our church.

Not long after my first trip to Ethiopia, Avery developed a heart for Ethiopia. Perhaps he caught my heart, or maybe it was the skype calls with Solomon and B, the bedtime prayers and our family's collective cries for provision for those hurt and hungry.

Avery has been so gracious about sharing his mom with orphans. During our prayer time he often asks God to feed and protect our friends half-way around the world - and it has been his long-term prayer that God would bless our family with the gift of another sibling through adoption.

Avery regularly sees me rifling through his closet for clothes for B and is always more than willing to give his belongings away to those less fortunate. And of course, you probably remember the "Give Me Your Balls" campaign that he ran in lieu of gifts for his 10th birthday.

It is now time for him to go to Ethiopia and deliver the balls that he collected.

Unfortunately trips to Africa are not free, and we've challenged Avery to raise $1000 to fund his trip (we're footing the remainder). Avery will be using his "life savings" (birthday money he's collected since he was born), and will be raising money by collecting recyclables, holding a bake sale, and will be selling Ethiopian coffee (pre-order) - which he'll buy while in Ethiopia and deliver/send when he returns.

If you are interested in supporting Avery financially, please use the "donate" button in the side bar. Even a $5 donation would be very encouraging to him (let's put it this way: $5 = 100 cans). Also, if you would like to pre-order some fresh Ethiopian coffee, please use the "Buy Now" button on the side bar. If you're not local, we'd be happy to ship the coffee to you, we'll contact you separately with the exact shipping cost. Don't forget to specify "whole bean" or "ground".

We could also use your prayer. If you can add us to your prayer list, we'd sure appreciate it!
Thanks for your support!

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