Saturday, January 22, 2011

I had a dream...

This morning I woke up smiling and after a few groggy moments I realized why. I had spent the last few hours dreaming that B was here with us...and I wanted to give him new socks.

Dreams are funny, they're so incredibly vivid and real that you can wake up from them not fully understanding what part of what you are recalling was a dream and what was a real life memory.

So I handed him a package of new socks because he only had brought one pair with him (and they were not adequate). He told me that he was more comfortable wearing his Ethiopian socks and I needed to help him adjust by keeping certain things the same. Weird right? He would never verbalize that, but it's probably important not to try to change out a kid's socks right away...even if they're not as nice as the ones you have for him.

And there we all were, on our first day in America as a family, standing in our bedroom closet. We weren't prepared - we had to get another bed and clothes, and ADIDAS sneakers. How could we not be prepared? Maybe we were too busy shoveling through piles of paperwork and notorizing and fingerprinting and we just forgot?

I'm never prepared for anything in my dreams. I show up with the peanutbutter & bread, but no jelly. Always.

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