Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double Digits

There is something very special about turning ten. Double digits, baby. The teenage "1" has entered the building...I'm scared.

When girls get into the double digits it's vastly more scary/intense/noticable/emotional. Choose best answer or "all of the above".
Girls have hormones and those little suckers make them act weird. Boys...not so much. They just get tall, hairy, and eat more.
But not my little princess [clearing throat], she is just as sweet and innocent as she was when I brought her home from the hospital ten years ago [cough, cough], she is hardly moody or sensitive or tempermental at all [choking on lies], I mean - I barely even notice that she's getting older [gasping for breath].

Okay, she's totally a teenager in training...and since she's got my genes - I have my hands full people. Hands FULL.
Wish me luck.
...and Happy Birthday Amelle...you won't like this, but you'll always be my baby!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Best Valentine EVER!

Today I picked the kids up from school, as normal. I spotted Avery amidst a group of middle-schoolers - huddled together waiting for their parents. He was holding something - but I couldn't make out what it was.
When he entered the car I could see that he had three carnations. He smiled and showed them to me. I smiled back and asked him where he got the flowers. "someplace" he smiled. "Okay...where?" I asked. "Some Place", he responded - this time separating the words "some" and "place". So my motherly barrage of questions began, "Did a girl give them to you?, Did a boy give them to you?, Did a teacher give them to you?" He responded "no" on all accounts. I was perplexed. "Why are you acting all secretive about the flowers? What's the big deal?"
"They're for you". He replied.
[heart melted into a puddle - probably stained my driver side floor mats, but who cares? Um...my middle-school son just gave me flowers on Valentines day]
"Awww...they're beautiful! - Where did you get them?" I asked.
"Well, I picked them out of the trash. People had thrown them away because the flower fell off the stem. The whole thing is from the trash, well...except for the tissue - that's new"
"I love them, and I love how thoughtful and creative you are. This is the best Valentines day gift I have ever received!"
"You can't water them", he said.
"That's okay, they'll be beautiful for the rest of the day".
There is so much beauty in the things of this world that are "thrown away". I hope and pray that my kids are always able to find beauty in things that are otherwise discarded and disregarded. Lord, give them your eyes and your heart!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Weeping for a stranger

Dirt just walked in and found me weeping at my computer; today a stranger died.

A have been semi-following this story since December through a random FB update of a blogosphere friend:

December 7th:
For the last three weeks my heart has been gripped by Jessica’s story. A young wife, with a young son of two years and currently carrying her second. The week of Thanksgiving she went into the hospital with breathing issues. Tests revealed cancer wrapped around her throat. Due to her situation they felt they would be able to take action immediatly with treatments. However, one more test revealed the dreadful truth that the cancer was not contained in her throat, but filled her body and organs. My heart was ripped in two for this beautiful mother, her husband, her young son, her family and her unborn baby.

She is 30 years old and they were determined to share Christ and to glorify Him in the midst of the most unthinkable tragedy. I am praying that every single person she shared her faith with will know Christ.

Today she went to be with Him and tonight as I type this, I know that she is singing in heaven. Please lift up her beautiful family in prayer. Their story is still unfolding on this side of eternity.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

A Very Whoopie Birthday

I think everyone should have a laser tag birthday party

When they turn 42.

Cause it's super-fun to be an adult and a kid all rolled into one.

Happy Birthday Bro.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The 2 1/2 Week Forecast

I'm so glad God didn't send me to Iceland.