Monday, February 14, 2011

The Best Valentine EVER!

Today I picked the kids up from school, as normal. I spotted Avery amidst a group of middle-schoolers - huddled together waiting for their parents. He was holding something - but I couldn't make out what it was.
When he entered the car I could see that he had three carnations. He smiled and showed them to me. I smiled back and asked him where he got the flowers. "someplace" he smiled. "Okay...where?" I asked. "Some Place", he responded - this time separating the words "some" and "place". So my motherly barrage of questions began, "Did a girl give them to you?, Did a boy give them to you?, Did a teacher give them to you?" He responded "no" on all accounts. I was perplexed. "Why are you acting all secretive about the flowers? What's the big deal?"
"They're for you". He replied.
[heart melted into a puddle - probably stained my driver side floor mats, but who cares? middle-school son just gave me flowers on Valentines day]
"Awww...they're beautiful! - Where did you get them?" I asked.
"Well, I picked them out of the trash. People had thrown them away because the flower fell off the stem. The whole thing is from the trash, well...except for the tissue - that's new"
"I love them, and I love how thoughtful and creative you are. This is the best Valentines day gift I have ever received!"
"You can't water them", he said.
"That's okay, they'll be beautiful for the rest of the day".
There is so much beauty in the things of this world that are "thrown away". I hope and pray that my kids are always able to find beauty in things that are otherwise discarded and disregarded. Lord, give them your eyes and your heart!

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