Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double Digits

There is something very special about turning ten. Double digits, baby. The teenage "1" has entered the building...I'm scared.

When girls get into the double digits it's vastly more scary/intense/noticable/emotional. Choose best answer or "all of the above".
Girls have hormones and those little suckers make them act weird. Boys...not so much. They just get tall, hairy, and eat more.
But not my little princess [clearing throat], she is just as sweet and innocent as she was when I brought her home from the hospital ten years ago [cough, cough], she is hardly moody or sensitive or tempermental at all [choking on lies], I mean - I barely even notice that she's getting older [gasping for breath].

Okay, she's totally a teenager in training...and since she's got my genes - I have my hands full people. Hands FULL.
Wish me luck.
...and Happy Birthday Amelle...you won't like this, but you'll always be my baby!


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i think she's been a teenager in training since she was two :-) always into the sparkles and girly stuff!

scooping it up said...

this is so cute. she's lovely. and looks way older than 10. love the invite.

10 scares me.

So do teen years.