Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Weeping for a stranger

Dirt just walked in and found me weeping at my computer; today a stranger died.

A have been semi-following this story since December through a random FB update of a blogosphere friend:

December 7th:
For the last three weeks my heart has been gripped by Jessica’s story. A young wife, with a young son of two years and currently carrying her second. The week of Thanksgiving she went into the hospital with breathing issues. Tests revealed cancer wrapped around her throat. Due to her situation they felt they would be able to take action immediatly with treatments. However, one more test revealed the dreadful truth that the cancer was not contained in her throat, but filled her body and organs. My heart was ripped in two for this beautiful mother, her husband, her young son, her family and her unborn baby.

She is 30 years old and they were determined to share Christ and to glorify Him in the midst of the most unthinkable tragedy. I am praying that every single person she shared her faith with will know Christ.

Today she went to be with Him and tonight as I type this, I know that she is singing in heaven. Please lift up her beautiful family in prayer. Their story is still unfolding on this side of eternity.

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~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i've found myself doing the same thing before...weeping for people i've never met before...praying for their families. one of the neat things about the blogosphere.