Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adoption Update

This past week was super busy in terms of the adoption process. I got our dossier paperwork in order and sent all 25ish documents to 5 different states for authentication. I had to laugh at myself, I literally drove past one mailbox with my envelope in hand, because it didn't look trustworthy enough. What if it lost my envelope? That would delay everything! The importance of these documents getting where they need to go to get what they need to get done to them weighs against the number of days my son will sit an orphanage. It was with this thought in mind that I carefully, yet expeditiously addressed envelopes and Fed Ex labels all week.

I have a very tight timeline put together that I call "The God Timeline" - because there is no way that we could possibly achieve the goal for B's homecoming without God's miraculous intervention . My prayer is for B to be home by....[drum roll please].... his birthday (September) - which is probably 4-6 months earlier than "logical timing" would suggest. But I LOVE to pray for things that the world would call "impossible" because God shows up in a big way when we step out in faith! Just ask the Centurion.

So today I had fifteen 4-second skype conversations with B. The internet kept dropping us...but he did manage to tell me one thing that made my heart sing praises, "they started the process with me - they took two portraits this week". He smiled, but was so stinkin' nonchalant about it...I was like, "What?" ...and my mind immediately flooded with questions as our connection dropped "...I need details, names, did they ask you any questions? Who? What day? Did they say anything else? Did they tell you when they'd meet with you again? Did they prick you with any needles yet? Oh and by the way, yay!" By the time our connection resumed I had calmed down enough to squeeze out, "That's great honey, I'm excited and encouraged".

Our homestudy is done (drafted); this week I need our adoption agency to approve the draft and our homestudy agency to finalize it, notarize it, and send 5 copies where they need to go so that I can apply to CIS by the end of the week. I know - that's a lot of things to happen in one week....but remember this process is bathed in prayer. Not that God is on my time, cause He's definitely not. He's certainly shown me that over the last two years - but I do believe He's good to go now and we're full throttle, baby. He's shown me that His hand is in this and on this and I have been completely overwhelmed by His power in the details.

Please join us in prayer this week. I am longing to have our boy here and he's longing to be here with us. Let's watch God move mountains together...he's already moved Dirt... :-)


K said...

I'll pray for the paperwork to get there safely and a speedy adoption process! We would love to meet him some day soon!! Goodluck Moore Family!!!

Lindsey said...

I knew I loved that kid. September bdays rock! Cannot wait to see all the dirt that gets moved in this process. I'm so grateful to be watching this journey unfold with you! Crazy praying!