Sunday, March 06, 2011

Coming Out of the Closet

We're ADOPTING!!!!

Ah..that felt good.

I've been keeping a little big secret for several months now. We began the adoption process in November. We filled out the Gladney application and submitted group 1 and 2 paperwork, met with the homestudy social worker 4 times, got fingerprinted and FBI clearance, and began chasing dossier papers from 5 states. We are well on our way!

The initial idea was that maybe we'd adopt B and a toddler boy - but per Maine rules, we'd need another bedroom for a little boy, and with things the way they are in Ethiopia right now, we're just going to concentrate on bringing B home as quickly as possible.

B knows what we're up to. We prayed and thought long and hard about this decision and ultimately decided that it was best for him to know our intentions, rather than us leaving him alone in Ethiopia feeling rejected and without hope. Now he has hope, he has something to focus his prayer on, and he knows that he is not "rejected" - but that his mom and dad WANT him and are trying their best to bring him home as soon as possible. He also knows that there are risks involved, we had a translator present to ensure that he understood that much of this process is out of our control and despite our best efforts to bring him home, there may be roadblocks.

In fact, several roadblocks have already surfaced.

1) Gladney's Ethiopian adoptions are currently on hold (creating a backlog)

2) CIS, a US govt agency that is vital to our next step in the process, may end up shutting down temporarily which would cause delays.

3) The Ethiopian govt agency (MOWA) announced last week that they will reduce the number of cases they see each day from 40 to 5. This bit of news is the most disturbing of all.

When I expressed my concern to Dirt, he assured me that God didn't bring us this far for nothing, he said that God is just pulling a "Gideon". Gideon was going to battle against a huge army and God widdled Gideon's army down to only 300 men. There was no logical way that an army of 300 could defeat an army of 1,000,000 - without God's help. God is doing the same here. He's stacking the odds so that there is no logical way this adoption can happen...without Him. He will be glorified!

On FB, there is a flurry of chatter around this article, that recently surfaced around Ethiopia cutting back on adoptions by 90 percent. I have three main thoughts regarding this article:

1) UNICEF hates adoption, they couldn't have found a more biased organization to interview.

2) If there are issues with infant adoption, Ethiopia should deal with them separately and allow waiting children to get through the system quickly. Haven't they suffered enough? My son has been living in a hell-hole for 8 years and is nearing the age-out limit - why should he be impacted?

3) God is BIGGER. My God is bigger than this and I am choosing to cling to Him in all this uncertainty. He is my rock, He is my fortress, He is my sustainer and I will cling to Him and Him alone. (Psalm 18:2)

Apparently the Ethiopian govt is meeting this week to discuss the adoption process. Please join me in praying that the Ethiopian government will allow waiting orphans to be expeditiously brought home to their US families. I'm clinging to this promise "God sets the lonely in families" - Psalm 68:6.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

:-) crazy, exciting news! so happy for you.
it's neat to see the way God works in these types of situations. i'm sure He'll give you a fun story in the end.

Erica said...

Super excited for you and I 100% agree with your synopsis of the issues in ET. Praying with you sister.

Joy said...

Wow - this is wonderful news and I am so excited you are pursuing his adoption! May God be glorified and you all blessed!

Lindsey said...

I'm grinning from ear to ear like an idiot. So excited for you guys!

Jillian and Crew said...

SOOO EXCITED for you guys! Praying for orphans to be placed in homes, regardless of what is happening on the ground with MOWA/Govt etc

Theresa said...

I am thrilled for you!!!!! I am praying you can bring B home very soon!