Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Judge

I'm fairly certain that Amaya was the only child at Chuck E. Cheese last Monday who was sporting a marijuana leaf wristband.

I can only imagine what the other parents must've thought. Maybe they thought I was some freaky pothead who was trippin' off the oversized mouse band. Or that I was some pro-hemp mother who was using my 5 year old to make a political statement. Or maybe they thought Maya had gotten into my private stash of marijuana-wear. I don't know.

They probably didn't realize that these little wristbands were gifts, packaged with care and love by an orphan who lives in the 3rd poorest country on the planet.

They came with scripture - a different verse for each member of his far-away family.

..and they matched his.

I'm guessing that B didn't know the wrist band was an advertisement for a mind-altering illegal drug. Yeah...I wore mine in Africa...and lemme tell you...those suckers were tiz-ight. They literally gave my wrist a muffin top. I put mine away for safe-keeping after wearing it the first day. But make no mistake; I cherish them...even if they do make people think we're potheads.


Ling! said...

I busted out laughing. What a precious story! Some day B will get a kick out of it! :)

candice said...

Hilarious Erin! You wear those bands proudly!!!

I am so excited for your family!

Jaime And Drew said...

funny!! that's GREAT!!

Joline Casey said...

How are you going to explain that picture to Amaya someday?