Thursday, March 10, 2011

He Rocked Africa

In case you were wondering...

...Avery rocked the whole trip.

There were certain aspects of the trip where I wasn't sure what we'd get from Avery. Would he sleep on the plane? Would he get overtired have a freaky mood swing? Would he engage in a mama turf-war with his new bro? Would he shy away from interacting with orphans or other adults on the team?

He could've acted crazy and no one would blame his little 11-year old self for doing so after 30+ hours of sleepless travel. Let's face it, 4 countries on 3 continents in 24 hours is a lot to take in. But he didn't. He embraced Africa, Her beautiful people, Her children...

...Her crazy futbol...

...and his new brother.

Some funny "Avery highlights" that I hope never to forget:
1) His hair never looked worse. Ever. Dirt and I were distraught by his crazy hair all week. The arid air did not agree with the fro. I tried hiding it under a bandanna, braiding it, and finally under a big rasta cap. Dirt and I literally had conversations about how to get him to a barber IN AFRICA.
2) While at El Olam orphanage, another missions group was visiting the children and an older woman approached Avery thinking that he was an orphan. He went with it.
3) Our pastor bribed him to get his hair braided, promising 100 birr. I doubled the pot to 200 birr. He got his hair braided thinking he would be rich - it wasn't until later that he found out that 200 birr = 12 dollars.
4) On the last night, Avery called me downstairs, I found that he had "packed" B in one of our duffle bags. I guess that's an 11-year old's version of adoption.
5) Avery has a 1 Fanta limit. He loses control of his sensibilities if he has 2. We learned this the hard way.
6) Avery was happy to eat chicken fingers and french fries in Ethiopia - even though Ethiopian chicken fingers have a bone sticking out of them. (nom nom).
My focus was definitely not on Avery and he was cool with that. On the plane ride home I remember looking down at him and thinking, wow - did we just spend a week in Africa together, cause it feels almost like I haven't seen you all week [read = mama's been preoccupied]. But then again, he was pretty "occupied" as well. Most of the time he was chasing or running from B.

All that, I guess, to say that I'm proud of the way Avery handled himself in Africa. He's a pretty cool dude.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

#2 made me laugh outloud! hysterical that he "went" with it!
i'm sure he'll never forget the trip for as long as he lives. what an amazing opportunity!

Joline Casey said...

He is like his Mom & dad. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! What a great experience for him at his age!