Saturday, April 02, 2011

Experiment in the Kitchen

Ever since I switched to a part-time schedule I've wanted to try making home-made pretzels. I don't know why, it's just kind of a "thing". Last week we made my dream a reality.

We started with my recipe from my 7th grade Home Economics class:

Maya and I did the mixing and kneading while the kids were in school.

Once the older kids came home, we rolled the dough out and made them into fancy pretzel shapes.

The problem occurred when I referred back to my 25-year old recipe and noticed there was no oven temperature or cooking time listed.


Nonetheless, they headed into the oven with lots of promise.

But I can't lie - I was a bit disappointed by the end result. I had envisioned golden brown pretzels - like the kind they have in the mall - or on the side of the intersections in North Philly. BUT that's not exactly what we got.

The kids did eat them.

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Joline Casey said...

I remember that recipe. I remember you bringing home and asked if we could make pretzels. I said NO! You are a better mother for at least trying.