Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Name Needed

Every time I send an email to B I try to delete my "blog signature" - "". Not because he can check it, because he can't (Blogger is blocked in Ethiopia). It's the name. We're not the 5 Moores anymore. We are 6 and by all accounts he's #6. The 5 Moores is terribly out of date and sadly noninclusive. The problem is that I often forget to remove it. The bigger problem is that I need to re-name our blog. The even bigger problem is that I don't know what to name it....and renaming it is kind of a big deal because all the blogs that link to my blog will need to be updated by their respective blog owners....and that's kind of asking a lot of people. I like "Moore to Love" - but it's taken. It's taken by another blogger and also the .com is taken. Another option is "Many Moores" - is also taken - by some non-blogger. The 6 Moores is taken by a family who considers their pets part of their 6 (cheaters). [sigh] I could just go with my name....but I don't love that. So I'm stuck. Paralyzed. If you've been reading this blog for a while you know I'm really really really bad with making "decisions of commitment". Changing the blog name is a big commitment and there are no names that I love. What to do. Any suggestions? Free my from my paralytic state!


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

you can use something with maine in it...hmm...i'll keep thinking. instead of many moore you can do mainey moore? if you type out six is that taken?

Jamie Wallace said...

moore love to give
moore to give
moore of Jesus

Joline Casey said...

moore for you
moores "r" us
truely moore
most likely moore
unconditionally moore

However, I like Nancy's suggestion of Mainely Moore