Sunday, April 03, 2011

Oh Yes I Did...

For the record, this wasn't my idea. However...when I picked him up from his friend's house, he inquired about getting his hair cut. That was my big break - and I knew it. Unfortunately it was after 6p on a Sunday night and there were no professionals open for business... I offered my services...

..and he said yes.

Dirt was at men's bible study, so I couldn't be stopped! I sharpened my scissors and started snipping before he changed his mind.

...but then something strange happened...

...he asked for more to be cut off - he wanted it short, not "shorter". He urged me to take out the clippers!

I was tempted, but I knew I could hide my poor skills in 3 inches of curl, but a clipper cut shows all....and though he repeatedly asked me to give him smooth number 4 - I denied. I told him we could follow up with a real barber tomorrow.

...but then he puppy-eyed me, so in my moment of weakness I pulled out Dirt's trimmer. I fumbled with the attachments and made him promise not to hate me if I messed up. He did.

I ran the clippers along the side of his head and nothing happened. Then I decided it might be better if I started with the back. I ran the clipper up the back of his neck and noticed A LOT of hair fell off - like more than I wanted. I obviously had no clue what I was doing. I told him we needed to stop before I did any real damage.

When he looked in the mirror, he was pleased with my work and said he might just stay as is.

But he still didn't leave a tip.

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Joline Casey said...

Wow, all of a sudden he looks 2 years older. Love it, Avery!