Friday, April 15, 2011

What the heck?

How come I can't get paragraphs anymore? Eveything just smooshes together. Why?????


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

you can go into the "edit html" tab and put, <, then, div, and then, >, (it won't let me type it out like it should look) in between the paragraphs and that should work...might give you too much space, but it should separate stuff at least.

Erin Moore said...

just tried it on previous post and it didn't work. I'm also unable to upload pics directly from Picasa. Butts!

Are you having any problems on your blog?

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

start the paragraph with "<" "div" " ">" (without the quotes and end of the paragraph with "<" "/" "div" ">" (without the quotes.)
i've been having issues with blogger as well when you open it in internet explorer. it won't let me post, so i downloaded firefox. might want to try that.