Friday, May 27, 2011

I Am She

Happiness is stumbling across a poem you wrote 2002 - one that was written to your 16 month old daughter...and finding that 9 years later it still rings true. So glad I found this tonight, I loved reading it to Amelle and seeing her eyes smile. I forgot that I used to write.

To Amelle

I am all that is gracious, wondrous and true
I am She
Soft like the clouds that cover the earth
Like a song sung by birds chirp
Like soil that grows flowers and fruit
Like my mother, and hers - built to suit

I am calming and humble like a gentle breeze
Bearing life as it carries seeds
I am She
Like the sky, vast and knowing
Like a flower, blooming and growing

More than just the leaves of a tree
Roots, bark, and branches are all that is me
Leaves but bloom once a year
Roots stay solid when they disappear

I am She

Defined - Inside, out
More than my face, is what I’m about
All that is genuine, remarkable and pure


I. Am. She.