Monday, May 23, 2011

I need a baby test out some of my photography stuff. I'm messing around with the lighting in my house to see if I can take pictures of little babies.

I don't want stuff like this to happen with a real baby who has a real mommy who wants to have pictures of her little sweetums. This baby's bonnet is blown out by the light on the right, but then her face isn't real sharp. This perplexes me. If I have enough light to blow out her bonnet, I should have enough light to get a crisp shot.

Something has to change. Before I try a new lens, I beg Maya to be my subject. I need skin, not plastic.

But clearly she isn't interested in being my model today. Even though I took her to Chuck E Cheese this morning, followed by lunch at her favorite "restaurant"(Subway) , I still had no credits in her bank. However, she was happy to play photographer's assistant and hold my light reflector (a piece of white posterboard) for me.

So back to the old faithful baby. I believe this is Amelle's #1 girl. She loves this baby, and I'm starting to see why. Very even tempered and cooperative. She's not a real looker, with her scarred up face and her unusually bumpy head, but what she lacks in aesthetics, she makes up for in personality.

I switched lenses, covered her strange head with Maya's old baby hat, and was able to get a shot that was less blown out. Still a little shadowy on the left, but my assistant went to watch cartoons so my reflector was propped up by cushions, further from the subject than I would've liked.

Then I changed out my backdrops to see how black would work. I also photoshopped the baby's face and her bumpy head. (It was the least I could do). And I disrobed her to get a peak at these:

Heaven help me. If these were real, I swear I would've kissed them. I love me some baby toes.

Somebody send a real baby stat. ...Before I start feeding and changing this one.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

it's a shame you don't live closer! it seems like i know someone having one every other week!
it's fun taking pictures of them when they're so little...once they start moving it gets so much harder to get good shots.

Jillian and Crew said...

"Giocoso" even says 'cheese' when you hold a camera up, you should travel here :)

Carrie said...

I'm laughing right out loud at your stand-in baby fix. :)