Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pictures for Regular People

I didn't take the suggestion seriously until two weeks ago, when it came from my photographer friend, Audra. I mean, I'm not a photographer, so why would anyone want to pay me money to take pictures? ...even if it was for a good cause.

Maybe the suggestion just felt more credible coming from a professional. Or maybe the looming $7400 adoption fee made the suggestion to take pictures as an adoption fundraiser, peak my interest.

Outside of being my own family's photographer (I'm known as "auntie camera" in our small family circle), I've only had one real photo shoot. Last year a friend from church asked me to take pictures of her baby. If success is measured by the joy that resulted from that shoot, then it was highly successful. My friend absolutely loved her pictures, and I loved playing photographer for the day.

Over the past week as I've been preparing to reveal my plans, I've struggled. I am so critical that every time I uploaded a picture I'd find something wrong with it, until I absolutely hated everything and almost scrapped the whole idea. But then something amazing happened. The evening I hit my pinnacle of self-disgust I received a FB message from someone I didn't know. She said that she had seen the pictures I did for Jess last year, and her baby was turning one, and she wanted to know if I'd take pictures for her. I blinked hard as I looked at the screen. She wanted to know how much I charged. Ha! I felt like this was the Lord's encouragement for me to move forward. I decided that I would charge nothing, but start an adoption fund that would accept donations from people who might want to compensate me for the session. In short, I decided to trust God.

On Wednesday, a second person asked me to take pictures of her family. Two people in one week! That's God.


I guess I'll be taking pictures this summer.

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Shannon- said...

Great stuff Erin!! I'll pass the word!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

:-) awesome!
you have some great places to take pictures where you live too! wish we lived closer so you could get some of the three of us...maybe sometime down the road.

Melanie said...

Yay! Love your faith. :) Can't wait to watch God unfold this.

Carrie said...

That Baby Lucas is a MUFFIN. I heart him.