Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pilot and the Peapod

You may recall that in 2007 I wrote a book. I wrote it for Avery in hopes that he would develop a desire to read. He didn't. I wrote a query and a book proposal and sent it off to one small publisher in Maine and they didn't bite, so I gave up on it. I decided that I'd self-publish two copies of the book for Avery and Mina - who the characters in the book are loosely based on.

The two books came in the mail a within a few weeks. I hated the cover I had designed and the formatting was off. I tucked both books away in the bottom of one of my nightstand drawers.

Two weeks ago, out of nowhere Avery asked me if he could read the book. I told him I'd look around for it and let him know if I could find it. The next night he asked me again. I went upstairs and located the book at the bottom of my drawer and handed it to him at bedtime.

Each night I noticed a dim light coming from his room. He was reading it. Totally unprompted. After the forth night I asked him what he thought. He told me he really liked it. He said it wasn't even like he was reading, it was like he was watching a movie in his mind.

I was thrilled. This renewed my vow to fix the cover and editing and get two good copies to the two people who inspired me to write it.

....so....that's what I've been working on all weekend....

Upgraded cover. I took this picture yesterday and monkied with it in Photoshop.

Now that Avery has read 10 of the 13 chapters, he can help with the creative process. I asked him to draw some simple sketches depicting each chapter.

In the book, it looks something like this:


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Joline Casey said...

Don't stop at two copies. It is a great book. Keep plugging it!