Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Friend from Afar

This past weekend Solomon visited us.

Solomon is so special to me. He helped me establish a relationship with B when he lived at Kolfe. In the very beginning he helped B set up an email account, he translated my emails and typed B's emails, he coordinated Skype sessions and translated for B.

In the early days, I spoke to Solomon more often than I spoke to B! Avery and I prayed for Solomon to come to America and we rejoiced when he arrived last June.

After nearly two years of chatting online, we finally met in person. It was wonderful to have him here. I loved asking him a million and one questions about B and Kolfe. And he so graciously answered them all! I was reminded about how much I love Ethiopians and how I wish I could be more like them. So humble, selfless and so full of grace.

The kids loved having Solomon visit...especially the girls. Amelle kept asking him if he wanted to ride the ATV. Lost in translation, Solomon would go into the TV room. Amelle continued to ask him and then it became apparent that he was thinking "a TV". We finally got him on the ATV.